“One thing that impacted me on the San Diego mission trip was how genuinely easy it was to share the gospel with other people. ” 


—  Anna (Freshman)


A team of six students spent their spring break sharing the gospel in San Diego, CA. Our team partnered with a church plant, Compass Church, and Challenge SDSU, a college ministry on the campus of San Diego State University.

“Joining Challenge SDSU’s weekly leadership meeting and hearing how they carved out time to have gospel appointments that week and the encouragement they received from each other was super cool. They talked about it like it was apart of their lifestyle. As leaders and followers of Christ, this should be this way. ”​


—  Jenna (Freshman)

settling in

We attended Compass Church and met with their leadership. Later that day we spent time with staff and student leaders of Challenge SDSU.

“I met Travis who’s a leader in Challenge and an RA on the SDSU campus. Being a fellow RA, it was encouraging to discuss different ways of doing ministry in the dorms on our campuses.” 


—  Cameron (Sophomore)

Daily rhythm

During the morngins, we trained to share the gospel. In the afternoons, we asked students at SDSU about Jesus and invited them to Compass Church. Each evening, we had an event with either Compass Church or Challenge SDSU.

“I saw that sharing the gospel doesn’t have to be big and elaborate, it is just a simple conversation.”


—  Sydnie (Freshman)


On campus, we connected with more than 150 students, 50 of which we shared the gospel with.

“I met a guy named Eduardo on the San Diego mission trip. Halfway through sharing the Gospel with him, it started raining, but we still continued to talk. As we were walking to his class, I found out that he practiced some of the Catholic traditions, but he never understood what Jesus did for sinners on the cross. He wanted to repent of his sins and trust in Christ as his Lord and Savior. I hope Eduardo truly made the decision to give his life to Christ, and I hope he gets plugged into a healthy church like Compass Church.”​


—  Brandon (Senior)


Our students gained valuable experience in sharing the gospel. They learned leadership qualities that they are excited to bring back with them to the University of Arkansas.