Written by Will Marr

Hi everyone! My name is Will Marr. I am a sophomore studying finance here at the U of A. If you would’ve asked me what apologetics was at the beginning of my freshman year, I probably would not have been able to give an accurate answer. I had heard the word before and knew it had something to do with Christianity, but I had not the faintest idea what it meant specifically. In case you're like me and don’t know what apologetics is, I’ll give you a definition. Apologetics is defined as the defense of the Christian faith. In my opinion, the name sucks. It makes it sound like apologists (people who defend Christianity) are apologizing for something, which is totally not the case, but that’s beside the point. All of this to say, Lead Defend is a leadership and apologetics conference, and Lead Defend is pretty awesome.

When I first heard about Lead Defend, I was intrigued. I love hearing great speakers and even recognized some of the speakers who would be there. At the time, I was not super involved with the BCM and thought it would be a good way to connect more with the community, so I signed up without thinking too much about it. I had a lot of fun, but more impactfully, I left with a better understanding of and greater confidence in my faith.

I learned a lot about Christianity at Lead Defend. I think that if you’re going to believe in something and devote your life to it, then it’s probably a good idea to know what exactly you are considering to be truth. It is always beneficial and faith-building to ask questions about God and the Bible. It helps you to better understand God and how profound Jesus’ sacrifice truly is. The speakers at Lead Defend spoke about reasons the world rejects Christianity; they also spoke about how Jesus is the answer to every worldview’s problem. The point of these teachings was not just so that we could reconcile some of our own questions, but also to learn how to express these ideas with other people who might have doubts about or don’t believe in God.

So why should you go to Lead Defend? I think if any of these reasons apply to you, then you should consider signing up: if you want to learn more about your faith, if you are curious about christianity and have questions about it, if you want to connect better with the BCM community, or if you do not believe in God or the Bible but want to better understand what Christians believe.

If you have any other questions about Lead Defend 2021, check out our upcoming events page or the Lead Defend website!

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