Written by Noah Branscum

Hello! My name is Noah Branscum. I am a sophomore Civil Engineering major at the University of Arkansas, and I live in the BCM housing.

At the very beginning of freshman year, I began to look for my community, as most Freshman do, and it was not hard to find at the BCM. I had an amazing freshman year and made so many great friends… until the year was cut short.

Before that happened, I was invited to become a village leader at the BCM. I chose to do it because I saw how much my village leaders impacted my life, and I wanted to do that for others the next year. So, I went to apply for that, and when I did, I saw aother option I could select that said, “Apply for Housing.” I knew there were a couple of people leaving the BCM guys' house after that year, and I thought to myself, “that could be fun.”

So, putting no real thought into whether I really wanted to live there or not, I went ahead and applied. My previous housing plan was to live with my cousin in a house his parents owned a little way off campus, so if I didn't get BCM housing, I had another place to live. And, if you haven’t guessed it yet, I ended up in BCM housing... AND I LOVE IT!

Although the coronavirus hinders some plans and I’ve only lived in ministry housing for a few months, I have enjoyed every minute of it! I was blessed with three amazing housemates who have become some of my best friends and spiritual motivators. BCM housing is the best of both worlds. I basically live on campus, but I also have my own space that has all the perks of living in a house instead of a dorm. (Including parking that isn’t a mile away!)

Living in the house has helped me build community and grow my faith. I host my village in my house every week and am constantly inviting people over to hang out. I love hosting all the movie nights, study nights, and everything in between! Not to mention the community my housemates are building as well.

None of that would have been possible if I did not live in BCM housing. So, with all that in mind, if the opportunity comes and you are passionate about community (and you don’t mind your friends just walking into your house at random times), I would highly recommend living in BCM housing.

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