Written by Ariel Sayger

Hello, my name is Ariel Sayger, and I will be sharing with you why I attended a masterclass about Religion and Worldview at the BCM last semester!

At first, I had no plans on going, but I would tell everyone about them, “Oh, hey! The BCM is having these cool master classes! You should go!” Now, you might be wondering why I wasn’t going to attend one. Well, I didn’t really have the time to go to one. I already had a lot on my plate with school and everything else, so as much as I would enjoy it, I decided not to go.

Later, one girl I invited to the masterclass didn’t have a ride, and I didn’t want her to walk back to her dorm at night by herself. So, naturally, I offered to give her a ride… which meant I had to go to the class. I know I make that sound like a dreaded thing, but it actually wasn’t. I signed us both up to go to Logan’s masterclass about religion and worldview and all the plans were set. Unfortunately, the girl I invited ended up not coming because she went back home for the rest of the semester.

Well, gee. I had already signed up; might as well go.

When I went, the teacher, Logan Moore, started with a fun little quiz about world religions. As I took the quiz, I was thinking, I’ve taken a world religion class before. I don’t expect to get all the answers right, but at least more than the average person. After taking the quiz, I realized how little I knew (or how much I had forgotten from the other class) and that taking a little refresher course would be helpful. So, that’s how I got hooked into the class, but I found it very rewarding, and I do not regret going.

I didn’t go by myself the whole semester, though. Occasionally, I would take a good friend of mine who lives down the street whenever she had the time. One time, I brought a girl I met at the union, and she seemed very interested in everything the class was talking about that night. She even took notes and asked questions. For the time being, let’s call her Serena.

I was able to understand Serena better because of the class. You see, Serena had an interesting kind of modern Buddhist worldview. Learning about the basics of Buddhism and how it is different from my worldview (Christianity) helped me to understand her better even though she didn’t fully believe in Buddhism.

Now, I don’t know everything about Buddhism because of this class, but I did find it very helpful in learning the basics of other worldviews and how you can present the gospel to people who belive them in an effective way.

Another example of this is an interaction I had with some Mormon (or Latter Day Saints) students I met in December. These girls came up and spoke to me one day in the union, and I got their number so we could arrange to meet again. When I met with them, I was able to share how I came to know Jesus, and they shared their version of coming to Jesus too. Before masterclass, I probably would have assumed that we kind of believed the same thing because it sounded very similar, but it’s not the same. Having a general understanding of what Mormons believe helped me present my testimony in a way that they might understand the true gospel (which is that Jesus is the only son of God and we are saved by faith in Him alone because he died on the cross to take our sins away).

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