Updated: Apr 3, 2020

"You do not have his word residing in you, because you do not believe the one he sent. You pore over the Scriptures because you think you have eternal life in them, and yet they testify about me. But you are not willing to come to me so that you may have life."(John 5:38-40 ESV)

One of the main concerns, as it relates to Jesus, centers around whether or not he was truly God. I believe John 5 gives clear evidence to the deity of Christ and that he himself knew he was the Son of God and others gave witness to it. With such a cloud of witnesses to this all are left without excuse. Therefore; those who deny Jesus as the Son of God do not love God and reject the Word that brings life.

Christ begins by giving a list of people who all testify to him being the true Son of God. He informs us that John the Baptist, was a “burning and shining lamp” (v.35) that displayed the saving light of Christ and Moses points to his glory (vs.46-47). Jesus’ works testify to his deity because these were things only God can do (v.36). The Father testifies to the deity of Jesus (v.37). Also the Scriptures, the very word of God, testify about Jesus.(v.38).

As we reflect, we know that God, through his word, has testified to the salvation found in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. To reject his deity is to reject the Word of God and God himself. So I encourage you, to make a practice of using the Scriptures to point others to the eternal life found in Christ.

Did you notice that God graciously uses Moses and John as a “lamp” to testify to Jesus. God in his grace and mercy uses imperfect people like you and I to allow others to see that only Jesus brings life, “and that life was the light of men”(John 1:4). I pray that we will bear witness of Jesus, the true light that gives light to everyone.

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