This is my favorite book. I read this book my freshman year of college, and I have read many great books since then, but none has surpassed my love for this book. Nabeel Qureshi takes you on his journey from devout Islamic faith to confessing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and it was quite the journey. Here are some highlights that I hope will further convince you to add this to your reading list.


Spoiler alert: at the end he becomes a Christian. Surely you had already inferred that from the title, but if not, I am sorry to reveal the ending. However, Qureshi's conversion moment and life after Jesus is such a small part of the book (you can find SO much about his life as a Christian on the internet if you are interested). The bulk of the pages tell you the story of how a young Muslim man who loved his faith wrestles through the possibility that Jesus may actually be the God-man Messiah that Christianity claims. You will walk through young-adulthood with Qureshi as he encounters Christians, in particular his college classmate and friend, David. The book invites you into the multitude of conversations that David and Nabeel shared in deciding who was believing God's truth and who was believing a false religion.


1. A beautiful story masterfully written

This is the least compelling of the three points, but it is worth knowing that not only is the story of God's work in Nabeel's life captivating, it is also beautifully written. Qureshi is a gifted writer with a wonderful story of God's grace to tell. You will continue to turn the pages as you wander deeper into the life of someone desperately searching for truth.

2. Lessons in Christian apologetics

Not only will you read a good story, you will learn how to defend your own faith. The book is full of dialogues between Nabeel and his Christian friend, David. They decide to get to the bottom of which faith is the true faith, and they do so apologetically. David lovingly presents arguments for the validity of the resurrection, the preservation and trustworthiness of the Bible, as well as debunks some misconceptions about Christianity. Do not read this book passively. To do so would be to miss out on a wealth of compelling evidence for your faith that you could one day use in a similar relationship to David and Nabeel's.

3. WHAT Muslims believe and WHY they believe it

We often know that what we believe is true and that what someone else of a different religion believes is false. However, we often do not understand the reasoning behind why someone believes something that seems so obviously untrue to us. It is difficult to tell someone what they believe is wrong and why it is wrong, if you do not first understand their religious perspective and devotion.

Nabeel argues strongly for his faith with historical and scriptural evidence. He believes he is of the true faith and is honoring the true god. He had strong, foundational reasons for why he believed that Islam was the true religion. He was not passive. Yet, through further research on both his and David's part on their perspective faiths, they ultimately come to the same conclusion: Jesus Christ is Lord.

This book will give you a more compassionate and understanding heart for those who think differently than you. It will help you to better understand your Muslim neighbor and what they believe. I even pray that upon reading this book the Holy Spirit would prompt and lead you into a friendship with a Muslim this coming semester.


Everyone I know who has read Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus has shared a similar love for it. It is a captivating page turner depicting God's amazing work of conversion in the life of a, now formerly, devout Muslim, something that often can seem impossible to us. I hope this book challenges, teaches, and encourages you. When you read it, you will have to come share your thoughts with me :) (and tell me if you cried because I DEFINITELY did surprise, surprise).

Happy reading!

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