You are working hard to finish the spring semester out strong. The questions about your plans for the summer are being asked, and you are wondering them yourself. In college, your summer can be used in a multitude of ways: taking classes so you can graduate on time, getting that big internship to set you up well for post-grad, working at a camp to invest in the next generation, or just going home to spend time with family and rest. BUT what if you could use your summer strategically for the advance of the gospel?

The International Mission Board and the North American Mission Board have a wealth of opportunities for you to intentionally utilize your summer for the gospel. As Christians, we desire to see the world reached with the good news that Christ has come and saved us. We are commanded by our Savior to participate in the advance of the gospel to the nations. So what could that look like for you?

Spend a summer overseas with the Nehemiah Teams program, working with career missionaries. Serve alongside church planters and compassion ministries in key cities in the US where the gospel is not as known with the GenSend Program. Stay in Arkansas and join the ministry work that is being done to reach those in our state with the Arkansas Baptist State Convention.

All of this may sound great, but it can be difficult to know where to start. You may not know it, but you have an incredible resource that will help you discover opportunities and launch you into a summer of ministry at argo2.org. I would encourage everyone to pray and look at the many ways you could use your summer intentionally for God this year, even if you think you already have summer plans. All of us on BCM Staff would love to help connect you to what God is doing in our state, nation, and world, so that you can leverage your summer for the gospel.

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