We are in a culture that is growing in skepticism and loosening the definition of truth. I would guess not all, but many of you reading this blog, grew up in or around church - you might have had multiple bibles over the years with your name engraved on the front, and I hope that you have read most, if not all, of what it says.

But has anyone ever questioned you about the Bible's trustworthiness: hasn't the Bible been corrupted? Aren't there errors and contradictions in the Bible? How can you really know the Bible is God's word? You may have even wondered these questions yourself.

How We Got the Bible by Dr. Timothy Paul Jones is an incredible resource for you as you engage in conversations about the validity of the Bible or if you are needing some reassurance about how the Bible came to be. It is a SUPER quick and easy read and is set up in a way that you can use it as a reference book to answer specific questions. This small book covers inspiration, inerrancy, reliability of both the Old and New Testaments, the canonization of Scripture, and manuscript copies. Clear and concise evidence and arguments are given for the trustworthiness of Scripture as well as charts and manuscript excerpts for us visual learners.

Again, this book is a resource. You most likely won't be eagerly reading it into the late hours of the night. However, if the Bible is the authority by which you live, the message of salvation which you have received, and the source through which you know God, you should be able to defend it and be confident in is trustworthiness as God's Word.

I hope you have friends and family members you are engaging in conversations with about the Bible. Let this book be a help to you all. The link below will help you find it online for purchase, or come swing by my office and I will let you borrow it :)

Happy learning!

Click here to find the book on Amazon.

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