Working in college ministry, I spend a lot of my time doing life with students.

This time is spent training them to lead bible studies, to reflect on scripture and their life,

to learn scripture themselves, and to teach others to do the same. All this studying is to understand, know, and apply what the Bible teaches. Is there one unified meta-narrative (or overarching story) that these sixty-six books reveal to us? That’s what Dr. T. Desmond Alexander sets out to show in his book, From Eden to the New Jerusalem.

In From Eden to the New Jerusalem, Dr. Alexander gives us an introduction to

biblical theology. He shows us this meta-narrative of the whole bible and explains how it

answers two of life’s biggest questions: why the earth exists and what is the purpose of

human life? It is a brave undertaking to answer why the earth exist and why humans exist. But, I believe Alexander does a wonderful job of answering this, while still writing an engaging book. The book begins with what the book of Revelation tells us about the New Heaven and New Earth. He proceeds to work through the bible thematically and shows how this future reality is accomplished from the beginning of creation in Genesis.

One of my favorite things about this book is how Dr. Alexander "cheats" and looks at the end of the Bible to understand the story from the beginning. As Bible readers today, we have the entire story, so the lens through which we understand the other books is different and more informed. The biggest take away from this read for me was seeing how every book of the bible is a part of the meta-narrative and, though it was written by many people over many generations, it is still the inerrant Word of God. This is an excellent introduction into studying scripture.

This book would be a great read for those looking to understand the meta-narrative of the Bible. If you are planning to lead a Bible study, you would benefit from the introduction to biblical theology. It would help you think through how the passage you are teaching fits into the larger story of scripture. Likewise, it is a great book for those who are struggling to understand why we still need to study and understand the Old Testament. Ultimately, its usefulness to the reader is multifaceted and can inform your personal spiritual growth as well as your personal ministry. I hope that you will enjoy this book and be helped by it as much as I was.

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