Written by BCM President Maggie Fuller

Hello everybody and WELCOME BACK TO FAYETTEVILLE! We have had a crazy busy week meeting and hanging out with all of you! And let me just say, my heart has been so so full as we have reunited with old friends and made some new ones this past week. It has been incredibly encouraging watching God work already in the hearts and lives of those on our campus! As we start this school year, I just want to take a second and offer up some free advice:

  1. Meal trade will be your best friend.

  2. Find a secret study spot, and do not tell anyone about it.

  3. Get plugged into a ministry and a church QUICK. Your local church will be your lifeline when school gets overwhelming.

  4. Pet as many dogs as you can.

  5. Study throughout the semester so that you do not have to totally cram for finals when they eventually sneak up on you.

  6. When given the option between Canes and Slims, always always always choose Canes.

  7. Find someone to disciple you. College can be lonely at times, so finding someone who can walk with you through the valleys is a TOTAL game changer.

  8. School is very important, but memories are important also! Take some time to do some fun (socially-distanced) things with your friends.

Another thing I would love to encourage you all in is this: do not waste this semester mourning the things we have temporarily lost due to COVID - the football games, in-person classes, “normal life.” Instead, praise God for all we have gained: a new appreciation for gathering together as the body of Christ, a sense of urgency for the gospel, trust and dependence on the Lord like we have never experienced, and a newfound respect for the health and wellbeing of those around us.

Yes, we have lost many things that really define the college experience. I am not minimizing that at all, but this season has given us ample opportunity to share the gospel with those around us, to show Christ’s love, and to demonstrate Christian integrity. We have been given an easy way to meet people from all over the world on common ground! Coronavirus has given us all a way to connect with those we normally would not have connected with, and I want to encourage you BIG TIME to take advantage of that. If I had to choose one word for us to focus on for this semester it would be this: intentionality. It is so important that we are intentional in meeting new people, connecting believers to local churches, and deepening our relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Intentionality is key when we are separated physically!

Again, I am SO BEYOND happy we are all back together and not doing village over Zoom anymore! I have missed everyone more than I can express, and if I have not seen you yet, please hit me up and we’ll go get some coffee! (Another pro-tip: Arsaga’s coffee in the Law Building is the best coffee on campus. Change my mind.) I’m praying for y’all on your first couple days of class! Be the light on our campus!

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