Below you will find the repair request. If you have anything that needs repaired let us know. Please do not let something go a long time without letting us know this tends to lead to a larger more expensive repair down the road. 


Click on pay-online below. Before you proceed, pay close attention to the instructions. If you have any issues or questions contact the office 479-521-4370. 


1.   Before your first payment, you will need to create an account. Click on “Sign up now!” to the 

      right of the page and fill out the form to create an account. 

2.   Once you have created your account, log in. 


3.   Fill out the Payer Information form. There are several Payment Options for you to choose from.

      If you want to pay for one month’s rent, select the correct house number under the first drop-

      down box. If you want to pay for a semester all at once, select the correct house in the second

      drop-down box. These payments can only be made at the beginning of a month or semester. 

4.   If you need to pay a late fee, a deposit, or pay for your parking sign, you will need to use the

      Other Charges section of the Payment Options menu. In the box to the right of your house,

      write the amount that you’re paying, and write a descriptor (late fee, deposit, etc.) for your

      payment in the last box. 

5.   Click the Pay Now button to make a one-time payment, or if you want to schedule monthly

      payments, click the Schedule Payment button.

NOTE: You MAY NOT use the Other Charges option to pay part of your monthly or semester rent. If you cannot make a full payment, please talk to Cole to get a plan worked out.  

6.   On the next page (Choose a Payment Method) fill out your card information and billing

      address and submit your payment. You should soon receive an email confirming your  


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